We get a lot of different questions over the years of running this campaign, so we've compiled a few of them below. If you have any other questions, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Does it cost anything to me?

Nope! Participation is free, though we do love a donation if you can! At our booth, we accept cash or card donations!

I need help! What do I do?

Thank you for looking this up. We're all glad you did, and we're glad you're here, and we love you.

If you need, here is a list of help lines for you

Suicide Prevention Hotline 


Trevor Project


Trans Lifeline


Breathe in. Breathe out. Deep breaths. You're amazing.

Why should I participate?

Because we're nice and cute! 

Joking (only kinda)! You should participate because you never know who will need to see something like this! Someone in your family, your classmates, anybody looks as if they have it all together, but are tormented on the inside. They see something like this, find out the nature of the image, and they see you embodying that. They know, in that moment, that they have someone to go to for help- and that can be one of the absolute best things for them. Plus, it only takes about 5 or 10 minutes MAX and we are nice and definitely cute.

My family doesn't know I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community, will participating "out" me?

First and foremost, you are very brave to ask this question- we appreciate this effort, and love you! 

Now, we actually do a good job at making the Silence Shoot all-encompassing, meaning it doesn't just focus on the LGBTQ+ community or any community. Getting your portrait done won't have any connection to anything explicitly saying "LGBTQ+". That being said, if it is in the title of the venue, that might.

Lastly, if you wish to, you definitely have the option to have us NOT post your image publicly! When you come down to get it done, just let us know at that time and we will be sure to make a note of it and will NOT be publishing it publicly or even on any of our sites. You will, instead, have the images directly emailed to you! Some people even use these images this way, then publish them as part of their personal Coming Out! 

What if I can't wear the tape?

The imagery behind the tape will have to be present in every photo in order for us to use and post them. That being said, we definitely have had creative work-arounds for various cases. In stance, if you have a full-face of makeup on, or if you have facial hair you'd like to keep you can always hold the tape over your mouth, not applying it at all. Now, if you have an allergy to the adhesive, we can do something with gloves, maybe someone else can just reach their hands in and cover your mouth, or something else. We'll create the work-around for you to make sure you get a great set of photos.

How many photos do we get? How long does it take to get them back after editing?

3-5 portraits a session! We want to give you a variety to choose from! 

Photos can take anywhere from a day to three weeks to complete. It depends on how many portraits we take since we upload all of them together from a venue/event.

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"Well, just be there for them, honey. Maybe just ask them if they want to go out for coffee, or shopping, or something. Something special together. Sometimes just telling somebody how much you care will make them feel better, that someone is there." -Anna Pruitt

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