Thank you to everybody on this list who have had us over the years. I hope to add more names to this list, and to see the people on this list again!

"I have been working with Matthew and the Silence Shoot crew for at least five years now and look forward to their visit to campus each year. They are always professional, reliable, and friendly as they give students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to show their solidarity and support. As the advisor of Spectrum at Oakland Community College, it is very important to me to bring awareness about the heavy costs that our queer communities endure due to bullying, harassment, and discrimination. The stunning photos of people with red tape covered mouths convey a sense of urgency and deep concern about the silencing and exclusion that leads to a disproportionate suicide rate. The Silence Shoot is a powerful visual reminder that love and inclusion are essential to our mental health and well-being. It fills my heart with joy to see the validation and affirmation that each photo conveys. The value of the Silence Shoot is immeasurable as we work toward building a society where diversity of gender and sexuality is celebrated instead of stigmatized."

Michelle Fether-Samtouni, Sociology Faculty

© 2020 by Matthew Bryan Pruitt

"Well, just be there for them, honey. Maybe just ask them if they want to go out for coffee, or shopping, or something. Something special together. Sometimes just telling somebody how much you care will make them feel better, that someone is there." -Anna Pruitt

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